Where the Name “Ben Franklin Labs” Came From

Ben Franklin was a writer, scientist, inventor, politician, diplomat, and a Founding Father. Had he only been a scientist, or only a Founding Father, he would have gone down in history just for that one thing. If he had only been a writer, his writing was remarkable enough that he would have been famous just for that. But he was all this stuff. What a guy.

Geeks are infamous for having terrible social skills. Ben Franklin (a famous scientist and inventor, i.e. a geek) was so socially adept that they made him a diplomat to France. A lot of math and engineering type people are bad at spelling but Ben Franklin was a skilled writer. He was just an all-around really competent human being. It’s my goal to be an all-around competent person just like him.

So the “Ben Franklin” part comes from the fact that I’m a big fan of Ben Franklin, and the “Labs” part is just to make it sound cool. People have asked me what kind of scientific testing I do in my labs. Nope, I don’t have actual labs.

By the way, if you’d like to learn more about Ben Franklin, I’d recommend The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin as well as the Walter Isaacson Ben Franklin biography (same guy who wrote the Steve Jobs biography).

Bragging and Name-Dropping

My technical writing, mostly material from AngularOnRails.com, has been featured in Ruby Weekly a number of times.

From 2014 to 2015 I worked alongside industry influencer Obie Fernandez for my client Andela, and traveled to Nigeria as part of that engagement to train Andela’s developers.

I’ve done work for AT&T, Dow Jones, University of Chicago and Northwestern University.