Case Studies


Andela is an organization that finds smart people in Africa, hires them, and teaches them to be programmers.

For several months I worked for Andela as a mentor/trainer to help these new developers quickly gain competence. This work was mostly done remotely. I would spend a few hours each weekday pair programming with the students as to teach them basic programming concepts as we worked on real client projects together.

In January 2015 I visited Andela’s headquarters in Lagos, Nigeria, the biggest city in Africa. There I spent three and a half weeks teaching in one-on-one mentoring sessions and performing a number of presentations for the group of about 50.

Of my time with Andela, CTO Obie Fernandez said, “Beyond being a supremely nice guy and solid communicator, Jason is confident and a pleasure to work with. I hired Jason last year to help train my team of roughly 50 developers in Lagos, Nigeria. He developed his own training agenda meaning I didn’t have to spend a lot of time overseeing the project. I just asked him to train my team and he handled all the details.”


Tanooki Labs

Tanooki Labs is an NYC development agency who hired me to help the Ruby on Rails portion of a Rails/iOS application for a high-profile Fortune 500 client. The project was completed successfully with time to spare.

Co-founder Dave Renz said, “Jason helped us build the back end for an iOS app for an important client. He was able to jump in and build what we needed without hand-holding, which allowed us to complete the project in the timeline we needed.”


Great Deals Magazine

John Bowman, the owner of “West Michigan’s Premier Advertising Magazine” came to me because he had a tedious and time-consuming accounting task to carry out each pay period. I created a system for John that allowed him to plug his existing data into a web application, taking his work from a multi-hour chore prone to human error to a mostly-automated task requiring just a few minutes of time, freeing the owner to spend his time on more valuable activities.


Big Compass

Big Compass brought me in as a mentor to accelerate a junior developer who was assigned to an Angular project for a Fortune 500 client. I provided guidance over a period of a few months until the junior developer was comfortable enough with the technology to be sufficiently productive on his own.


Northwestern University

I helped develop a Ruby on Rails course for a computer science professor at Northwestern University.