Free Ruby on Rails and Angular Courses for Your Chicago Co-Working Space

Hi, I’m Jason Swett. I want to offer something to your co-working space that I think you might find interesting.

Co-working spaces often host things like meetups and workshops. Sometimes they even offer their own classes in things like web development, design and entrepreneurship.

What I’d like to offer is the opportunity for you to have me, the author of, to come teach Rails and/or Angular at your co-working space. I would do this free of charge, and I’ll tell you why.

The reason is totally selfish, and very simple. I earn my living as a software consultant. If I’m seen teaching web development, then I can be viewed as an authority on these technologies, and people will likely want to hire me to help them build their products.

You might wonder, “If Jason’s so good at this stuff, why isn’t he already doing it?” I am already doing it. I live near Grand Rapids, Michigan, about four hours from Chicago. I give technical talks at local meetups all the time. The challenge is that the community here is relatively small, and I want to expose myself to bigger opportunities.

If we were to move forward, we would schedule a pilot session as a low-risk way to test-drive the idea. You’d be responsible for promoting the event but I wouldn’t expect you to go all-out. The point is just to make sure we’re both comfortable with the idea. Assuming that goes well, we’d schedule additional training events, perhaps even a regularly occurring one.

If this sounds interesting, send me an email at and we can schedule a time to talk.